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CLASS A X Liber Porta Lucis (The Book of the Gate of Light)
This book is an account of the sending forth of the Master by the A.'.A.'. and an explanation of his mission
LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente (The Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent)
An account of the relations of the aspirant with her Holy Guardian Angel. This book is given to Probationers, as the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is the Crown of the Outer College. (Similarly Liber 7 is given to Neophytes, as the grade of Master of the Temple is the next resting-place, and Liber 220 to Zelatores, since that carries her to the highest of all possible grades. Liber 27 is given to the Practicus, as in this book is the ultimate foundation of the highest theoretical Qabalah, and Liber 813 to the Philosophus, as it is the foundation of the highest practical Qabalah.)
XC Liber Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus (Book Tzaddi, or The Book of the Hermetic Fish-Hook)
An account of Initiation, and an indication as to those who are suitable for the same.
CCXX Liber L vel Legis (Book L., or The Book of the Law)
This book is the foundation of the New Aeon, and thus of the whole of our Work.
CCCLXX Liber A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici (The Book of Creation, or The Book of the Goat of the Spirit)
Contains the true secret of all practical magick.
CLASS B VI Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae (Book O, or The Book of the Hand & the Arrow)
Instructions given for elementary study of the Qabalah, Assumption of God-forms, Vibration of Divine Names, the Rituals of Pentagram and Hexagram and their uses in protection and invocation, a method of attaining astral visions so-called, and an instruction in the practice called Rising on the Planes.
IX Liber E vel Exercitiorum (Book E, or The Book of Exercises)
This book instructs the aspirant in the necessity of keeping a record. Suggests methods of testing physical clairvoyance. Gives instruction in asana, pranayama and dharana, and advises the application of tests to the physical body, in order that the student may thoroughly understand her own limitations.
XXI Khing Kang King (The Classic of Purity)
By Ko Hsuen. A new translation from the Chinese by the Master Therion.
XXX Liber Librae (The Book of the Balance)
An elementary course of morality suitable for the average person.
LVIII Gematria (from "The Temple of Solomon the King")
This is an article on the Qabalah in "The Temple of Solomon the King," EQUINOX V.
LXIV Liber Israfel
An instruction in a suitable method of preaching. An example of ceremonial invocation of a God-force. (Formerly called Liber Anubis.)
LXXI The Voice of the Silence (with commentary by Fra. O.M.)
With an elaborate commentary by Frater O.M., 7=4, the most learned of all the Brethren of the Order, who had given eighteen years to the critical study of this masterpiece.
LXXVIII A Description of the Cards of the Tarot
A complete treatise on the Tarot, giving a description of the correct designs of the cards with their attributions and symbolic meanings on all the planes. Also includes a method of divination by their use.
LXXXIV Liber Chanokh (The Book of Enoch)
A brief abstraction of the Symbolic representation of the Universe derived by Dr. John Dee through the scrying of Sir Edward Kelley.
XCVI Liber Gaias, A Handbook of Geomancy (The Book of the Earth)
Gives a simple and fairly satisfactory system of divination by Geomancy.
CXI Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom & Folly
An extended and elaborate commentary on The Book of the Law, in the form of a letter from the Master Therion to his magical son. This book contains some of the deepest secrets of initiation, with a clear solution of many cosmic and ethical problems.
CLVII Tao Teh Ching
Translated, with a commentary, by the Master Therion. This is the most exalted and yet practical of the Chinese classics.
CLXV A Master of the Temple
An account of the attainment of a Master of the Temple: given in full detail by Frater O.I.V.V.I.O. This is the Record of a man who actually attained by the system taught by the A..A...
CCVII A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of A..A.. & Curricula of the Grades
An enumeration of the Official Publications of the A..A.. with a brief description of the contents of each book joined to the assigned curricula of the various Grades. (Class B designation, and the present form of Liber CCVII, are distinctive to one lineage of A..A... It is based on a combining and updating of two traditional documents.)
CCXVI Yi Ching (The Book of Changes)
A new translation, with a commentary, by the Master Therion. Confucius said that if his life were to be prolonged by a few years, he would give fifty of them to the study of this book.
CCCXXV An Evocation of Bartzabal, the Spirit of Mars
Its nature is sufficiently explained by its title. (Originally, neither catalogue number nor Document Class was assigned to An Evocation of Bartzabal. These have been assigned internally within one lineage of A..A... A "classic" list of official documents would not include this Document.)
CDLXXIV Liber Os Abysmi vel Da'ath (The Book of the Mouth of the Abyss, or The Book of Da'ath)
An instruction in a purely intellectual method of entering the Abyss.
CDLXXXIX One Star in Sight
A glimpse of the structure and system of the Great White Brotherhood, A..A... The best description available of the Tasks of the Grades of the Orders R..C.. and S..S.., and the practical substitute for Liber Collegii Interni. (Originally, neither catalogue number nor Document Class was assigned to One Star in Sight. These have been assigned internally within one lineage of A..A... A "classic" list of official documents would not include this Document, except through its inclusion in Magick in Theory & Practice.)
D Sepher Sephiroth
A dictionary of Hebrew words arranged according to their numerical value.
DXXXVI Liber Batrachophrenobookosmomachia (The Book of the Battle of the Frog, the Mind, the Roar, and the Universe)
An instruction in expansion of the field of the mind.
DCLXVI Liber Artemis Iota vel De Coitu Scholia Triviae (The Book of Artemis Iota, or On Sexual Union, Commentaries on Trivia)
An essay on sex-morality, and the relationship of its instincts and forces to the Path of Attainment.
Subtitled, "A Compilation of Symbols, Towards a Systematization of the Skeptical-Mystical Way Set Forth. A Hieroglyphic Foundation of the Most Holy Things of the Higher Knowledge." A complete dictionary of the correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It is to the language of occultism what Webster or Murray is to the English language.
DCCCLXVIII Liber Viarum Viae (The Book of the Byways of Life)
A graphic account of magical powers, classified under the Tarot trumps.
CMXIII Liber Thisharb, Viae Memoriae (The Book of the Journey of the Memory)
Gives methods of attaining the magical memory or memory of past lives, and an insight into the function of the aspirant in this present life.
MCCLXIV The Greek Qabalah
A complete dictionary of all sacred and important words and phrases given in the Books of the Gnosis and other important writings, both in the Greek and the Coptic.
[no number] The Book of Thoth
[no number] The Heart of the Master
[no number] Little Essays Towards Truth
CLASS A-B CDXV Opus Lutetianum (The Paris Working)
The Book of the High Magick Art that was worked by Frater O.S.V. 6=5 and Frater L.T. 2=9.
CDXVIII Liber XXX Aerum vel Saeculi, The Vision & the Voice
Being the Vision and the Voice of the Angels of the thirty Aethyrs. Besides being the classical account of the thirty Aethyrs and a model of all visions, the cries of the Angels should be regarded as accurate, and the doctrine of the function of the Great White Brotherhood understood as the foundation of the aspiration of the Adept. The account of the Master of the Temple, in particular, should be taken as authentic. The instruction in the 8th Aethyr pertains to Class D; that is, it is an official ritual. The same remarks apply to the account of the proper method of invoking the Aethyrs given in the 18th Aethyr.
CMLXIII Thesaurou Eidolon (The Treasure-House of Images)
Ecstatic hymns to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, by Fra. N.S.F. They are a most astonishing achievement in symbolism. The effect is to carry away the performer into the sublimest ecstasy. It possesses all the Magick of oriental religious rites, but the rapture is purely religious. It is not to be confused with eroticism, and that although many of the symbols are of themselves violently erotic. (Only the short note pertains to Class A.)
CLASS C XXXIII An Account of A..A..
First written in the language of his period by the Councilor Von Eckartshausen, and now revised and rewritten in the Universal Cipher. An elementary suggestive account of the work of the Order in its relation to the average person. (Click here for an HTML version.)
CLASS D III Liber Jugorum (The Book of Yokes)
An instruction for the control of speech, action and thought.
XIII Graduum Montis Abiegni (The Book of the Slopes of Mt. Abiegnis)
An account of the task of the Aspirant from Probationer to Adept.
XXV The Star Ruby
This is the chapter called the "Star Ruby" in The Book of Lies. It is an improved form of the "lesser" ritual of the Pentagram.
LXI Liber Causae (The Book of Origins)
The Preliminary Lection, including the History Lection. A manuscript giving an account of the history of the A..A.. in recent times. This history contains no mythology; it is a statement of facts susceptible of rational proof. The object of the book is to discount mythopoeia.
CC Liber Resh vel Helios (Book Resh, or The Book of the Sun)
An instruction for adorations of the Sun four times daily, with the object of composing the mind to meditation and of regularizing the practices.
CCVI Liber RV vel Spiritus (Book Ru, or The Book of the Breath)
Full instruction in pranayama.
CDXII Liber A vel Armorum (The Book of Arms or Tools)
An instruction for the preparation of the Elemental Instruments.
CLASS E II The Message of the Master Therion
It explains the essence of the new law in a very simple manner.
CL De Lege Libellum (The Law of Liberty)
A short explanation of the Law, extolling its sublime virtue. By the Master Therion.
CCC Khabs am Pekht (Light in Extension)
An Epistle of Therion 9=2, a Magus of A..A.., to His Son, being an Instruction in a matter of all importance, to wit, the means to be taken to extend the Dominion of the Law of Thelema throughout the whole world.
DCCCXXXVII The Law of Liberty
This is a further explanation of The Book of the Law in reference to certain ethical problems.
UNCLASSIFIED IV Liber ABA, Book Four (Parts I-IV)
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